What to consider when buying artificial grass?

Was ist beim Kauf von Kunstrasen zu beachten?

An artificial grass carpet is a simple way, the terrace or the balcony upgrade and within a very short time the appearance of a real lawn. Depending on the purpose, each other's turf are products beneficial. Here you will learn what to look for when buying your artificial lawn.

Artificial grass for all outdoor areas

Artificial turf is not only in the garden route: just As useful to an artificial turf on the roof terrace or balcony-carpet . It is important that you choose a lawn in the correct color. Is the artificial grass for the garden thought, you should choose a green shade that matches your other lawn. Often, the product photos are already a good clue and indication of how high is, for example, the amount of Yellow in the Green.

In these circumstances, artificial grass is an advantage

Artificial grass offers a great number of advantages over normal lawn. In particular, in periods of drought, and where normal grass will not grow due to particularly hot temperatures, the art has its advantages lawn. The turf carpet, even under difficult weather conditions, and always in its high quality and does not need to cast once, mowed, or fertilized. This means that you will save with a work of art, not only work, but also money lawn in the long term. High-quality products in the field of art lawn for several years, usable without an exchange of the green artificial turf pitch would be necessary. As a disadvantage, however, is that artificial turf just can not have on closer examination, the same quality of a real lawn and the Laying on soft ground can be difficult.

Pay attention to factors such as the formation of mold

Since artificial turf is not a natural product, there may be problems with the turf occur on the real grass lawn carpet does not occur. This includes the formation of mold on the underside of the artificial turf, but can be increased by simple measures, avoid: take Care with the purchase of the art product, grass-to the fact that the bottom is coated, for example with Latex. Such a coating does not contribute effectively to the mold occurs as a Problem in the first place. Such a coating you can find, for example, the art of the Windsor lawn.


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