Tables for garden and terrace

Was Tische für Garten und Terrasse aushalten müssen

The garden table is an eye-catcher at any occasion in the garden and on the terrace. He belongs in every garden, and is the center for many activities that take place Outdoors during the summer months. Here we meet, to eat, to drink, to talk or to play. Such a table must meet many of the functions and a lot of abuse. How do you find the perfect table for your garden or your terrace on eBay and what are the criteria these should fulfil, so that he can really be the Highlight of your garden, this little guide from eBay.Your table buy them directly online!

The most common materials for tables for garden and terrace

Classic garden tables are usually made of iron, wood , or plastic made. But also interesting combinations of materials are always more frequently to be seen. Teak, which skillfully with aluminum in the scene has been set, or various kinds of plastics, combined with each other, and thus were an interesting look worried, are only the beginning. The Designer can always be new gizmos and handy accessories come to the table for the garden and the terrace is not only visually a great Shine, but also with practical tools to equip. So the table will catch the eye and can be expertly grouping all other Seating furniture such as chairs and benches around the table.

Three questions before buying

Before you begin to search in eBay to find the right table for your garden or terrace, and the matching accessories, you should be able to three important questions to answer.

The size of the garden or the terrace

A table for the garden or terrace is required, of course, space. So you should look at exactly how much space is available and where the table is best placed. A large table on a small area is not only tight and uncomfortable, but is not really usable. It must always be so much space available that you can comfortably walk around the table, though the chairs at the table.

How much Seating?

Not only his own family wants to find a place at the table. Also, guests who stay regularly or for festive occasions in your garden or on the terrace, want to find their place at the table. Select the table so not only according to the size of the garden or the terrace, but also always according to the number of people who find it their place to.

The cold Season

The cold temperatures in the Winter can pose a Problem. The table must be stored in a dry and a appropriate space should be present from the beginning. You superior to before your purchase to exactly where and how you can bring to the table during the cold months. Little space is available, must be adapted to the Format of the table accordingly. However, there is not on eBay, only tables that are equipped with fixed table legs. Rather, models are offered in which the legs are foldable or easy to dismantle. This helps in storage and also allows for a tight space in a dry and secure storage.

The need to provide a good garden table

A good garden table needs to be especially sturdy and comfortable to Sit and eat allow. If possible he should be designed in a way that no expensive maintenance measures are necessary. Sharp corners and sharp edges should not be in the interest of small children at the table. Similarly, there should be no danger that the fingers may be pinched. You put a high value on the table by the Material and the style also fits the furniture to your other seat.

To select the right garden table

Small gardens or terraces, require a round table. The shape is space saving and it can be found, in spite of everything several people a seat at the table. Are of the garden or the terraces, however, very widely, even with multiple or large rectangular tables .

You should host only once in a while for several people on your garden table, so it is enough, if you buy a small garden table and a second – folding – table Supplement. So you can adjust the table at any time of the expected guest amount. In addition, there are garden tables, the completely folded out or pulled out. Also they are flexible in size and can customize the table again and again to the occasion. Also, make sure that the table legs were not attached so that they are distracting. Cross braces, or crossed legs will surely look very beautiful and provide a lot of stability. So it also applies to the shape of the table to eighth legs, as the table will be placed and how many people you want to bring.

It should provide for storage in the Winter not a suitable space, so you should opt for a weather-proof and generally rugged table. If he needs to be for the Winter stored Outdoors, then he must have a correspondingly suitable Material. In addition, you should definitely with the help of a furniture protection case protect from moisture. Matching envelopes can be found in a very wide selection on eBay.

You superior to before your purchase so exactly which table type you prefer. The only way you will have long enjoyment of your new garden table and it becomes a piece of jewelry, and the popular focal point in your garden or on your terrace. You also have to look carefully whether the surface of the table plate is suitable for all your purposes. Not only is the coffee table will be covered tastefully. If the children want to Tinker on the table or a flower to be potted, then the table top for all of these situations need to be created.

The right tablecloth for the garden table

A good garden table can not do without accessories. In addition to a furniture protection cover for cold and wet days, you should have a matching tablecloth. This is, for example, a fine table cloth from cotton for celebrations or a PVC tablecloth for Crafts and gardeners to work on the table. The matching tablecloth not only looks visually beautiful, but also protects the surface of the table plate against contamination and damage. You look at your purchase on eBay but also right after a tablecloth that fits the new garden table.


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