The best three Packard Bell EasyNote Notebooks

Die besten drei Packard Bell EasyNote-Notebooks

Packard Bell is a Dutch electronic equipment manufacturer, PCs, MP3 players, hard drives, monitors, and Laptops. The EasyNote Notebooks are high-quality and powerful devices. Thanks to the versatile equipment Laptops for the majority of claims.


With the EasyNote ME Touch mobile working and surfing

The Packard Bell EasyNote ME Touch is a Laptop with a 10.1-inch HD Display. The touch screen by simply tapping with the fingers to operate. The control is so convenient and easy. Thanks to the up to ten hours of battery operation you can use the EasyNote ME Touch on the go. A weight of 1.08 kg, the comfortable travel. The Intel Celeron Dual-Core processor provides the necessary computing power to work with multiple programs at the same time. The DDR3 memory is 2 gigabytes and the hard drive is 320 or 500 gigabytes in size. Packard Bell provides three models of the EasyNote ME.


The EasyNote TE69 - perfect Balance between performance and size

The EasyNote TE69 is the Notebook of the series, it has the most designs out there. The TE69 has a mix of high performance, fair price, and mobility. The Notebook has a Display of 15.6 inches is a medium size. The device is slim, with rounded edges and a modern and appealing Design. The HD Display features Ultrabright technology that illuminates the screen bright. So you can work longer, before the eyes become tired. As for the processor, depending on the embodiment, an Intel Pentium, AMD E, or Intel Celeron . Two or four gigabytes of DDR3 memory as well as hard disks with different storage capacities enable you to choose a laptop according to your demands. All models of the powerful laptop graphics card is together with the DVDs as well as movies to watch, and graphics programs. With the EasyNote TE69 of Packard Bell you can work, listen to music, surf and watch movies, whether at home or on the go.


The Packard Bell EasyNote LE69 – powerful and compact

The Packard Bell EasyNote LE69 has a weight of 3.2 kg and a 17.3-HD Display. The Display with Ultrabright function can display a maximum resolution of 1600 x 900 pixels, so that images are clear and sharp. The AMD graphics card , the Radeon 8000 series supports graphical applications, such as, for example, image editing programs, movies, and DVDs. Powerful AMD processors and DDR3 memory provide ample computing power and loading speeds, to work in a fast, efficient, demanding, and long. The EasyNote LE69 can serve thanks to the versatile and high-quality Displays as a replacement for a Desktop PC. The battery life is up to five hours. USB 3.0, DVD burner and Wi-Fi allow a comfortable use for everyday life and work.


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